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Quality:  Small business atmosphere with big business pricing.  Media suppliers throughout the years have steadily declined in quality to increase profit and cut costs.  Since CORE does printing and a major supplier of printing media, our quality reflects the companies image.  CORE as a brand, has become a stepping stone in the world of printing and we stand behind our products.

Xerographic Materials:  Xerographic supplies are specially designed for toner, which generated by heat adheres to the paper.  Many widths and materials are available to make your printing experience easier.  Bond paper and other materials are available in forms of Rolls (with 3" core) and Cut Sheets.

Inkjet Materials:  Inkjet materials, with the added ability to print color, open printing options and various materials to be used with your machine.  A brighter media shows the true potential of what you are looking to print.  Many roll widths (2"core) available.

Photo & Banner Materials:  With all the Ink based machines available on the market today, ink type can expand or narrow options when choosing materials.  Speak to a representative today, and unlock the true potential of your printer.

See our FAQ section for general questions regarding printing supplies.  Not sure what materials your printer accepts?  Contact our office, and have our specialists assist with any questions.

Materials/Supplies provided through Core Reprographics are available in both ROLL and CUT SHEETS.  Contact our office and speak with a representative to inquire about materials, compatibility, and pricing.